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Novel optoelectronic device concepts

In joined collaboration projects with industry partners, NAsPIII/V develops III/V-semiconductor concepts and realizes novel device structures. As an example, vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) and vertical external cavity surface emitting lasers (VECSELs) are gaining increasing interests for data and telecommunication as well as high power infrared laser applications, including frequency doubling for visible light projection systems, respectively.
The realization of such complex device structures requires a detailed knowledge of the physical background as well as the epitaxial growth conditions. So far, the main focus has been on laser in the infrared emission regime, based on GaAs substrate, which contain (GaIn)As or (GaIn)(NAs) as active region.
In close cooperation with the Material Science Center of the Philipps-University Marburg (Germany) as well as the modelling activities at the Optical Sciences Center of the University of Arizona (Tucson, USA) and Non-linear Control Strategies (NLCSTR, Tucson, USA)   NAsPIII/V has established several VECSEL layer structures from emission wavelength at 960 nm, 980 nm, 1028 nm, 1040 nm, 1057 nm, 1178 nm and 1240 nm. An example for this successful cooperation is the current world record VECSEL with a continuous wave output power of 106 W at 1028 nm [Link].  

These VECSEL-structures have been used for non-linear frequency mixing applications (frequency doubling, difference frequency mixing) to realize efficient laser sources in the visible and UV-spectral range as well as for THz-applications. In addition, single-frequency as well as psec- and fsec-pulsed VECSEL have been realized based on the MOVPE-grown III/V-compound materials of NAsPIII/V . Recently, as an example record peak intensity values of 6.3 kW with a pulse width of 410 fsec have jointly been achieved. A selection of publications can be found in the following list [publications]. Based on this broad experience NAsPIII/V will support your company with individual developments for your specific applications. For a detailed advice or request please contact us [info@nasp.de].