NAsPIII/V supports your company’s R&D by

  • Exclusive development of devices and/or processes
    The development of novel devices and processes in an external laboratory provides more flexibility in your company for the creation of inventive ideas and innovative products using less budget and reduced time to market entry.

  • Back-up production site
    Changes in the manufacturing, which are accompanied by an uncertainty in duration and cost, may lead to an unwanted interruption of the production. As NAsPIII/V takes over the main back-up part, cost and transfer time are significantly reduced. The risk of production stops is minimized.

  • Creation of intellectual property
    The development of new concepts, inventions and novel devices will create intellectual property. NAsPIII/V provides licenses and patents exclusive for your company.

  • Education/Training/Consulting
    Corresponding to your requirements NAsPIII/V provides education and training in the field of III/V epitaxy and semiconductor devices for your company's employees. Furthermore, NAsPIII/V can contribute its experience to forthcoming decisions concerning business management.